Original Oil

Buying a new bmw car, you find yourself in a situation where during  the warranty period all bmw technical support is necessary to conduct  at an authorized dealer. At the same time the price of spare parts and oils for such technical support is significantly higher than when you go to a random body shop.In fact, dealers ‘ representatives keep silence about the fact that you can purchase original spare parts and oils for your technical support during its warranty and at the same time preserving all warranty obligations of the manufacturer.

 We recommend you before going next time to your  bmw technical support find out the cost of materials for it, calling the service department of your dealer and comparing  prices with ours.Perhaps this will allow you to spend less money.

To order and replace the original oil for your bmw, you can at our bmw body shop.Our site it is still  under construction, so they is not all the oil that we sell and do the replacement on the sites pages. If you have not found the oil on our pages, please call our bmw body shop – perhaps we have it.
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