Transmission Repair

Vehicles with automatic transmission are present in the model number of each automaker, providing comfort when driving a car owner. However, such a technically complicated knot sooner or later require maintenance and repair. Therefore, diagnostics, maintenance and repair of automatic transmissions today as demand drivers. Since the automatic transmission is an expensive machine, when you exit its acquisition of a new system causes significant financial costs.
At the same time, a reasonable alternative to replacement, repair is automatic. This allows the car owner how much to save, and to reduce the period of forced inactivity of the car. In the case of automatic operation of the box in an aggressive mode, you can exit from Stora significant number of unit elements. As a result, you may need to overhaul automatic transmission (automatic bulkhead).
The high-tech diagnostic and repair equipment of our technical center allows you to quickly detect the failure of electronic and hydraulic systems, automatic transmissions, measure the operating parameters, temperature control, etc. This results in a competent and sure-fire approach to the organization of repair automatic transmission, do not increase the cost of a lack of information. it also allows you to safely guarantee the efficiency of the work. Term Capital automatic repair will not exceed 7 days, and loved the convenience of your car owner Automatic control is restored virtually one hundred percent.
Our service station carries out all types of repair automatic (computer-assisted diagnosis and removal / installation, repair torque converters and other components) – in compliance with all technological standards and the automaker’s standards and this love for his work! At work we use original spare parts for automatic transmissions. We take full responsibility for the quality of work performed, giving assurance and advice on the correct operation of the automatic transmission.

Performed works:
Diagnosis of automatic gearbox
C / Y automatic transmission
Overhaul (bulkhead automatic transmission)
automatic replacement
Replacing the automatic gearbox oil
Argon welding automatic transmission elements

automatic operation
As a general rule, the need for automatic transmission repair occurs when improper operation, the development of a resource or a failure of one or more nodes because of hidden manufacturing defects.

Why you may need automatic transmission repair
Wrong oil changed – 62% of cases.
Improper repair – 20% of cases.
Insufficient heating of the engine in winter – 13% of cases.
Towing the car at a speed exceeding 40 km / h – 5% of cases.
When using the automatic need to know that the oil in the automatic transmission performs a range of different functions, lubricating and cooling completely heterogeneous nodes, so the choice of oil must be approached with great responsibility. It is important to remember that when the vehicle is operating at low temperatures in winter automatic transmission is experiencing severe stress, so warm up before operating the automatic transmission optional.
Negative influence on the work of the automatic transmission, any action that could affect the proper functioning of the torque converter, a gear transmission or automatic transmission control system. It is necessary to avoid long-term wheel slip, long tow at a speed exceeding 40 kilometers per hour, as well as to prevent the possibility of long-term operation in automatic mode, extreme, etc.

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